Venezuela in search of change

venezuela-in-changesWhen we talk about Venezuela we imagine its beautiful women, dazzling scenery and of course the traditional local food which is summarized in delicious arepas, bananas, traditional Creole pavilion and hallacas course, but when talking about his policy makes us a I choked and we wonder really is a political change to Venezuela?

The political aspects of Venezuela

We’ll have to start giving a tour of what has happened in that time, so we can give a fair judgment of what is coming in the country politically. Despite everything negatively and every day after the political, economic and social system in full decay.

The idea is to begin to believe, believe that in the country if there may be a change, and will be, believe that every person who will exercise their vote because he loves his country, were those who simply want to come back, and those who were fighting every day with all the problems that exist in this land full of grace.

Because there’s no denying that Venezuela is a country blessed by God, full of many landscapes, natural resources to become a rich country, one of the world’s richest country. Thanks to its huge oil reserves, but the story is different.

For about fifteen years, there has been a dictatorial government, which was responsible for impoverishing the minds of many, as well as polarizing half the country, has been tasked to instill a “socialist” system that does not exist, that all it does It is enriching the pockets of those who govern and impoverish the people that all they have done in this life is to love their land, a land of their birth and in some cases will not see them die, for the simple fact that they can not live there, as they find it impossible.

The Venezuelan entrepreneur is by nature, he likes to work every day and goes outside to get bread every day, regardless of the insecurity prevailing, Venezuela is risky and most importantly: it never stops; no matter the political situation, nothing will vanish.

The main idea is the struggle, considering that together can bring about change, the change we all want, whether political, social, economic, but change is necessary, Venezuelans cry no longer support such impunity. They want to live in a safe country with enough jobs for young people with a low inflation rate. Venezuela wants to go to the supermarket and get all the nutrients normally, you want the monthly wage will reach for all household expenses, the work they do is enough to live on.

The path is changing, but even talk of a change of mentality in Venezuela must respect the laws, even the smallest, must respect the values, raising children, consider that a country is built with facts with that and more we will see Venezuela taking the right path.

A change in governance model would be a big step to recover the great nation that is Venezuela, a nation rich in every sense, both economically and socially, but its real value is focused on its people, as the Venezuelan includes a series features that are really praiseworthy.

The people of this wonderful land, have a major task ahead, because if we talk politics, change model could be from one moment to another, but the real change is in people who every day go to work for make bigger every day in this country, and that if they want real change notice most desired, must give 110 percent effort on their part to be better citizens every day, and that is what will really make America great

A change encompasses all aspects of social life of a nation, and sought more than 15 years, a period in which most Venezuelans blindly trusted a leader who promised all kinds of improvements and claims, mostly , the most disadvantaged, which resulted in the opposite.

But the history of life should leave us a lesson that change is not only based on a leader who fully governs a nation; a change requires the participation of a whole country which is fully committed to improve their current situation and leaving a country power to the next generation.

Changes of Venezuela

So the change, apart from ruling model, has to come from your people, and mainly focuses on not losing what makes famous Venezuelan tourists who visit this land of that, we talked about the joy and goodness. Despite adversity, Venezuela has maintained and must maintain his cheerful spirit and firm before passing hard times, thanks to the tireless spirit, it is almost certain that sooner or later things start to go well in this country blessed with the greatest wealth, that although many think it is oil or its majestic landscapes, the truth is that the wealth of Venezuela is simply its people.

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